Turkey Hunting: Inside the Vests of WTR

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Turkey vests are precious things.  As the season draws near, just glimpsing at them sitting in the corner brings back memories of past hunts in which they accompanied us into the woods.  They are truly a companion for us, and start the season weighing more than an Airbus and end the season light as a feather.  But because gear is important, we pack their pockets to the seams and have indentions of their straps in our shoulders for months after the season.

So without further adieu, here is what our staff stuffs in our turkey vests before we head to the spring woods:  

Harris Oppenheimer

-          2 pair Gloves
-          Facemask/Face Paint
-          Flashlight(2)
-          Maps/GPS/Compass  (with extras)
-          Knife
-          Bug Spray
-          Thermacell
            o   Extra Fluid
            o   Extra Wafers
-          Calls
            o   Friction Calls
                          §  Cody Spec I Slate
                          §  Zink's Thunder Ridge Series Aluminum 
                          §  Southland Yellow Heart Crystal
           o   Strikers
           o   Lynch's World Champion Box Call
                          §  Chalk
                          §  Rubberbands
           o   Mouth Calls
           o   Locator Calls
                          §  Crow
                          §  Owl
-          Friction Call Conditioning Kit
-          Saw/Pruning Shears
-          Scale and ruler
-          Binoculars
-          Blind
-          Toilet Paper
-          Water Bottle
-          Rain Gear
-          Camera
-          Gate Keys
-          Shotgun Shells (5)
David Hawley, WTR Editor

-Mouthcalls (I carry 6, each with a little different sound)
-2 pairs of thin gloves (I cut the fingers off all my gloves), 1 pair of thicker gloves, 2 thin “half” face masks
-Thermacell, 2 extra wafers and 1 canister of fuel at all times
-4 Winchester Extended Range #5 shells, 4 Winchester Supreme #6 shells (I use Extended Range for first shot and Supremes for any follow ups)
-Cody World Class Slate, Cody Woodsman Glass, Cody Bocote, Heart Pine, and Carbon strikers
-Quaker Boy Mini Boat Paddle Box
-Friction call surface conditioner
-Box call chalk and silencing bands
-Heavy duty ratchet clippers
-A Knight and Hale wood duck call that I can also do a pileated woodpecker and hawk scream on
-Goose call (hey, you never know)
-I never leave home without a good set of compact binoculars
Wild Turkey Report Staff
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