Turkey Hunting: Early Season Osceola Report

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Turkey Hunting: March 21 Osceola Report
With all of Florida’s spring turkey zones open and underway, let’s hear from some of the guides around the home of the Osceolas to hear how they have been faring:
Capt. Mark Clemons
Everglades Adventures
Clewiston, FL
“Everglades Adventures clients are off to a great start harvesting Osceolas in the South zone of Florida. Our first twelve clients have all harvested trophy birds. Our hens are finally starting to break up and look for nesting sites leaving the gobblers looking for attention. The past several days we have seen numerous single hens out walking by themselves feeding. The balance of the season is looking excellent as we are witnessing lots of trophy gobblers strutting in the fields as we exit the hunting areas. Most of these sightings are multiple gobblers strutting with single hens. Our late season hunts are usually the best as the hens start setting on the nests and the gobblers go crazy in search of a receptive hen.”
Danny Sant Angelo
Okeechobee Outfitters
Lorida, FL
“We have killed 15 birds since South Zone opened here at Okeechobee Outifitters and are now hitting the Central Zone. So far, we have had a hundred percent success rate, but the birds are off and on with no set pattern.  You’ve just got to get up and go turkey hunting.”
Ted Jaycox
Tall Tines Outfitters
Ocala, FL
“The Osceola turkey season opened here in this part of Florida at Tall Tine Outfitters on March 16th and the hunting has been nothing short of incredible.  Seven hunters have harvested eleven birds with some really big spurred gobblers being taken.  I will say that what should be our normal turkey activity for this time of year is a little late as there are some large groups of gobblers still together, and the hens do not appear to be doing any nesting.  The cold temps we experienced the week preceding the opener could have set things back a little.  Despite those cooler temperatures the gobblers are responding readily to calls and are anxious to come into the decoy sets.  I think as the season progresses we will see those gobblers groups disperse giving hunters more opportunities as competition for hens increases.”
Wild Turkey Report Staff
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