Turkey Hunting: A Call To Action

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For the men and women who serve as our nations’ Police and Law Enforcement Officers, their jobs are more than a fraternity, they are a way of life.  They receive a barrage of 911 calls with citizens screaming “I’ve been in a bad wreck and need help,” or “help we have just been robbed,” or “my child is choking, what I do?”  This is just a daily routine for the type of calls Police and Law Enforcement Officers have to deal with on a continuous basis. 

Police and Law Enforcement Officers are passionate about their jobs, and many are also passionate hunters, including Officer Matthew Humble with the Russellville, Kentucky police department and Kentucky State Trooper Jermaine Savage, who formed Police Pursuits Outdoors.  Both Humble and Savage have been hunting since a very young age, and now their mission is to capture their fellow law enforcement officers’ hunting passions all across the United States by filming great deer, turkey, coyote, and elk hunts, while also filming the same officers conducting their daily routines at their local police departments. 

Humble indicated that sometimes police officers are viewed in a different light than other citizen, a view they hope to change via Police Pursuit Outdoors.  “Many times people think police officers are the ‘bad guys’ and don’t realize we too are regular people in the local community, and enjoy in the same passions that everyone else in the community does,” said Humble.  “With the daily stresses of serving as a law enforcement officer, hunting is an awesome outlet for stress release for many officers.  While in the woods hunting we can focus on the beauty of God’s creation and bask in the thrills and adrenaline rushes of hunting.  I know when I get off work after working a bad accident with deaths, getting out in the woods can really sooth my mind and allow me to clear my head from the bad day.”

Humble said they are currently filming hunts around the country.  “We have many great officers all across the U.S. currently filming hunts and their daily routines as an officer.  We hope to bring these great hunts and police department footage to America via the major hunting channels in the near future.  There is not another show out there like this and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you.  We are fortunate to be sponsored by great companies such as Mossy Oak, Bear Archery, Rage Broadheads, Brothers in Arms Game Calls, Covert Cameras, and Jackie’s Deer Lures.”

Recently Humble and his brother Jason, a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps, founded Brothers in Arms Game Calls.  “This is unlike other game call companies in many ways,” said Humble.  “Jason served in the Marines, fought in Iraq, and has a passion for wounded military personnel and the families of fallen soldiers, law enforcement officers, or firefighters.  We offer great, American Made, high quality, consumer friendly hunting calls and give a portion of every single solitary sale to charities that support the families of fallen or injured military, police, firefighters, and EMS service members.  The main charities we give back to are:  Folds of Honor, the Wounded Warrior Project, and Supporting Heroes.  These three charities all support the causes that Brothers in Arms Game Calls are passionate about,” said Humble. 

“Our company is operated by active or retired military, police, firefighters and EMS personnel. Our pro-staff guys have all served in one of these main areas so they too share in the brotherhoods’ mission and share our passion of hunting and the outdoors.  We are a licensee of Mossy Oak and have an array of our hunting calls dipped in Mossy Oak’s great patterns.  These include our duck, goose, turkey, deer, and locator calls.  We have a new call available called ‘The Survivor’ which is a pink Mossy Oak Blaze double-sided slate call that includes and all-weather striker and wood striker.  Portions of this calls’ sales are donated to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation,” said Humble.  “Brothers in Arms Game Calls hopes to be a great hunting supply resource in the future to hunters, while giving back to our fellow service men and women who serve or have served this great nation.”

For more information on Brothers in Arms Game Calls, visit their website at www.brothersinarmsgamecalls.com.  

For more information on Police Pursuit Outdoors, visit their website at www.policepursuitsoutdoors.com/

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