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On behalf of all of us at Wild Turkey Report, we would like to welcome you to our new and exciting platform for sharing the sport that we mutually love!  Our goal from this point forward is to become a destination site, 365 days a year, for each of you that are as consumed by the sport of turkey hunting, and the management and conservation that goes along with it, as are we.  We will strive to create an educational and interactive experience that we are confident will make you a better turkey hunter and conservationist six months from now-if you frequent our site and heed the advice of our contributing experts. 

The sport of turkey hunting is not an easy one to describe with words.  Turkey hunting has, and always will be, an emotional sport, and sometimes words escape the grip of emotions.  Turkey hunting, to me, is the experiences I have had with family and friends in the spring woods.  It is recollecting my first turkey hunt, when I shot a clear yard over the top of a longbeard while sitting in my father’s lap at the age of nine.  It is the first longbeard I called in by myself at the age of 12 while in south Texas.  It is a handshake with my grandfather after we experienced one of those once-in-a-lifetime hunts before he had to take me to school.  It is taking a youth and watching him “come of age” by making a crucial last second move on a longbeard that most adults couldn’t have made to bag a fine gobbler.  It is sitting alongside 81 year old Fox Haas after a heartbreaking miss at 13 steps, and Haas proclaiming he would “get ‘em next year.”

We promise you, as readers of Wild Turkey Report, that we will not always have the right words to describe the sport of turkey hunting.  Doing so with perfection would be virtually impossible.  However, we will promise that we will evoke the same passion that you share for the sport in all that we write.   We have committed much of ourselves to this point to making sure Wild Turkey Report would be a site worth visiting for passionate turkey hunters like you.  It has been a labor of love and one we have not tired from!

Even though written content will be a staple of Wild Turkey Report, our Outfitter’s Zone is a major source of pride for us, as we feel the information on hunting each state we have provided rivals that of any other media outlet.  Researching turkey hunting opportunities in other states can be an overwhelming task, and we feel our information can make it easier to do so.  Over time, we will provide the most complete list of outfitters to book your next hunt.  We recognize that hunting any species is made much easier if you have a great place to hunt, and we want to provide you numerous options on where to venture to in the coming turkey seasons.

Please feel free to contact us anytime to provide feedback.  We want this site to be something that each turkey hunter enjoys visiting frequently, and enhances their understanding of our great sport with every visit.  We hope that you all will provide us with the feedback necessary to know what our fan base is looking for.  We also hope that some of you will contribute stories or short articles to Wild Turkey Report; we want the site to be a platform to gain exposure for your writing, while providing our fans with great content.  For our outfitters, please contact us about having your operation presented on our site.  We will strive to become a site that sends you qualified hunters, and ultimately, more business.

In closing, we thank you for taking this journey with us, as we all dive deeper into the sport of turkey hunting!

David Hawley
Wild Turkey Report, Editor
Wild Turkey Report Staff
Wild Turkey Report is the internet's new destination for information on the sport of turkey hunting. Follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wildturkeyreport and on Twitter @wildturkeyreprt!
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