Turkey Hunting: Vested Interests

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If you look in the cab of muddy truck during the months of March, April, and May, the chances are good that you will see a turkey vest riding shotgun.  The modern day turkey hunter puts the same level of pride into his turkey vest that a bull rider places on his belt buckle.  A good turkey vest is almost like a badge of honor for the brethren court.

The turkey vests that are currently on the market today are not only built to hold every piece of gear imaginable and then some, but are comfortable enough to allow for a lengthy hunt without losing all feeling in your legs.  Some vests are designed to hold more gear than others, and thus are more ideal for hunters who like to cover a lot of ground and need only the basics.  Let’s look at some of the best options on the market today, ranging from the “everything including the kitchen sink” to the “run and gun” vests.

I-BEAM Turkey Vest by Ol’ Tom

The latest offering from the company that revolutionized the way turkey vests were built is the perfect storm of comfort and functionality.  The I-BEAM Turkey Vest by Ol’ Tom not only features the innovative pockets and features that put the company on the map, but has a new back pad that is designed to support your entire back for those long hunts.  If you are a hunter who is willing to wait out that stubborn gobbler, or comfort is of paramount importance no matter how long the length of the hunt, then be sure to check out the I-BEAM Turkey Vest by Ol’ Tom.  If you liked Ol’ Tom’s popular Dura-Lite Time & Motion Strap Vest, then you will love the latest product to hit the shelves by the masters of turkey vest ingenuity!

Check out Ol' Tom vests in action with this exciting hunt!   http://youtu.be/mE_Ft-FTuZM

Dura-Lite Essentials Vest by Ol’ Tom

Also offered by Ol’ Tom is the Dura-Lite Essentials Vest, which is designed for the hunter who likes to strike fast and with the bare bones amount of gear.  This strap-style vest features a comfortable cushion, lightweight and breathable mesh back lining, innovative pockets for neatly organizing your calls and other gear, as well as a large blood proof game bag for toting your bird out of the backwoods.  If you are looking for a vest that will complement your break-neck hunting style, not hinder it, then be sure to check out the Dura-Lite Essentials Vest from Ol’ Tom!

Super Elite III Turkey Vest by Russell Outdoors

When Mossy Oak first introduced the Super Elite Turkey Vest in the 1990’s, it revolutionized the way many turkey hunters chased their favorite bird.  Russell Outdoors has since carried on that tradition by upgrading the classic vest, and the Super Elite III is a top-notch product that features 23 pockets designed to hold your all of your gear, as well as a comfortable drop down cushion, game bag, and mesh lining to provide comfort for those warm spring days.  Be sure to check out the Super Elite III by Russell Outdoors this spring!

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