Turkey Hunting: Turkey Tracts

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Turkey hunting, like real estate, is a sport of location.  If the area you are hunting is barren of wild turkeys, you have the same thing as ocean front property in the desert.

With the popularity of the sport of turkey hunting at an all time high leading to crowded public hunting areas, more gobbler chasers are looking to buy their own slice of dirt to break daylight on.  Having a tract of land that one can independently manage and hunt as they see fit is becoming more appealing to turkey hunters.

While the majority of recreational land buyers remain whitetail deer hunters, Rick Taylor of Mossy Oak Properties Forest Investments in McComb, Mississippi, says his brokerage handles several transactions each year where the procuring cause of the sale was a properties' turkey hunting opportunities.  

"It certainly seems to be more of a drawing card than in years past," says Taylor, an avid turkey hunter who has hunted for over forty years.  "The majority of our buyers come from south Louisiana, where turkey populations are scarce and scattered.  So for them, having lots of turkeys is certainly appealing."

McComb is also a stone’s throw from the Homochitto National Forest, a popular destination for out of state hunters looking to get a jump on their turkey season by taking advantage of the mid-March opener.  Taylor says many of these hunters end up buying property adjoining or nearby the National Forest after frequenting the area for several seasons.

"Having the Homochitto nearby has made southwest Mississippi somewhat of a destination area and given us another buyer group that is aware of the tremendous turkey hunting in the area," explains Taylor.  "After hunting Homochitto, they want their own place to hunt in the area.  Again, many of these buyers are here primarily for the deer, but turkeys are a close second and definitely factor into their purchasing decisions."

Nick Boley of Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland-Boley Real Estate in Keosauqua, Iowa lives in an area known for its giant whitetails, but is also home to a healthy number of big Easterns. Boley, who also operates Windy Ridge Outfitting, says while whitetails remain the main attraction, many land buyers his brokerage works with also want wild turkeys when purchasing a property.  "Good turkey hunting is certainly a plus for the buyers we come across.  We sold a property in northern Missouri last year that the turkey hunting was what sealed the deal.  The buyer was from the New England states and had come to the area to hunt with us at Windy Ridge Outfitting, and after he had an awesome hunt, wanted his own turkey hunting place."

Boley feels as the public land in the area gets increased pressure with each passing year, the demand for turkey hunting properties will increase.  "I think people are really getting tired of fighting the crowds, and as a result want a place where they can control the pressure and manage it like they want.  Land is such a great investment, and having quality deer and turkey hunting is certainly an added bonus."

-Mossy Oak Properties, Inc was founded in 2003 as a way to bring together buyers and sellers of rural and recreational properties.  Since 2003, Mossy Oak Properties' network has grown to include over 65 franchised offices in 18 states, providing buyers and sellers dedicated land specialists who understand the nuances of rural and recreational land.  For more information on Mossy Oak Properties, visit www.mossyoakproperties.com.
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