Turkey Hunting: The Pros On Essential Gear

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We live in a culture that is gadget-happy.  Pop culture has placed an emphasis on having the most current cell phone or tablet, and those that do not are almost looked down upon.  Even though these gadgets are certainly helpful, they have almost a cult-like following among those that purchase them.  The days of bag phones and typewriters may not be that long ago in reality, but in perception they seem centuries old.

The turkey hunting industry has undergone the same renaissance that modern culture has had relative to gear.  While the tried and true box and slate calls still exist, new technologies have enhanced their effectiveness, which is definitely a benefit for the hunter.  Mouth calls and locators are now made to be more consistent and user-friendly, which is always a plus.  But we have seen new calls and products come into the market that are hot items among hunters who simply cannot help themselves when they go to a sporting goods store.  They have to give one of these new products a whirl in the upcoming spring season.  While many of these products are useful, some are destined for the closet.

The question the Wild Turkey Report crew had for some of the top minds in the sport of turkey hunting (most of whom are in the business of developing calls and gear for the turkey hunting community) is what one item of gear they simply cannot leave home without.  Let’s hear what they had to say.

Alex Rutledge, Bloodline TV

“I’m a huge fan of mouth calls, so I would have to say that the calls I depend on most are the Bloodline series from Commando Calls.  I have a great deal of confidence in those calls.”

Josh Grossenbacher, Zink Calls

“I do not hit the woods without a good pair of binoculars.  When you are hunting as much open ground as I find myself hunting, good optics are a must.  I rely on them as much as any other item I carry into the woods.”

Billy Yargus, MAD Calls

“I like to carry a number of different calls into the woods, because you do not know what type of call is going to strike a chord with a gobbler on that given day.  If I had choose one, it would be a cutter-style mouth call, because I can do everything on that call, from soft yelps to kee-kees to loud cutting.”

Harold Knight, Knight and Hale Game Calls

“I never leave home without a good two-reed mouth diaphragm with mixed latex and some special cuts in it.  I like how that call can do everything, from calling soft when a turkey is in close to producing aggressive cutting when I am prospecting.  I like to use a variety of calls, but that would be the one I would choose I had to pick just one.”
Wild Turkey Report Staff
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