Turkey Hunting: Books on Beards

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 Each hunter has their own unique way of preparing for the upcoming season.  Some watch old, worn-out VHS tapes of guys like Will Primos and Mark Drury wearing old school Mossy Oak Bottomland hunting turkeys in the early 90's. Some people peruse their past hunting journals to relive old hunts.  Many choose to do all of the above, in addition to reading some of the classic literary works regarding the sport we hold dear.

Here are three books that the Wild Turkey Report crew highly recommends you try as you prepare for the spring turkey season.

Tenth Legion by Tom Kelly

No book may hold a dearer place in the passionate turkey hunters' heart than Colonel Tom Kelly's classic.  First published in 1973, the book quickly became a favorite, and launched an illustrious career for the venerable poet laureate of the turkey woods.  In the Tenth Legion, Kelly examines the core identity of the turkey hunter, and does so in a manner that would be hard to replicate.  He blends that examination with interesting stories that tie in to the points he is trying to make.

In the closing paragraphs of Tenth Legion, Kelly gave perhaps the best explanation of what drives us all as turkey hunters.  He stated "The first turkey that came to me on the ground did it a long time ago.  I sat there with my hands shaking and my breath short and my heart hammering so hard that I could not understand why he could not hear it.  The last turkey that came to me last spring had exactly the same effect, and the day that this does not happen is the day that I quit."  How true, Tom.

Be sure to make reading Tenth Legion a priority before, during, and after your spring turkey season .  For information on purchasing Tenth Legion, check out http://www.amazon.com/Tenth-Legion-Tom-Kelly/dp/1558215395.

The Truth About Spring Turkey Hunting by Ronnie 'Cuz' Strickland

Since the early 1980's, Ronnie 'Cuz' Strickland has been either in front or behind a camera, beginning his career with Primos Hunting Calls before landing at Mossy Oak in 1988 and ultimately becoming their VP of Media.  Throughout his career he has filmed, guided, and mentored countless spring turkey hunters, so you can bet that if it is possible (or seemingly impossible) in the spring woods he has seen it first hand.

The Truth About Spring Turkey Hunting is the first chapter in a trilogy of books dedicated to bringing those experiences to print, and Strickland tells some of his most memorable, and hilarious, stories for the reader to enjoy.  Strickland's "southern folk" way of telling the memories he has had in the spring turkey woods make the book an easy and enjoyable read.  The book features stories on his early days juggling his home life and coordinating writer hunts, hunting with some of the sports’ greats, and the mishaps he has had along the way.

To purchase The Truth About Spring Turkey Hunting, or a collector's edition of the entire trilogy, go to http://store.mossyoak.com/detail.aspx?ID=2197

The Dummy Line by Bobby Cole

While The Dummy Line may not be your typical story about a spring turkey hunt, the thriller by Biologic's Bobby Cole has certainly become a favorite among those who have read it.  The story centers on a weekend turkey hunting trip between a father-daughter duo in west Alabama that is interrupted by a pack of blood-crazed, drug-dealing rednecks.  The events that ensue put into danger not only the main character and his daughter, but a teenage couple that were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Dummy Line has become a hit on Amazon.com, with its popularity found among hunters and non-hunters alike.  Cole has recently completed a sequel to The Dummy Line, so make sure to read the first book soon! 

To purchase The Dummy Line, visit www.readbobbycole.com
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