Turkey Hunting: Alabama, Week 1

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Despite record high temperatures and foliage at least two weeks ahead of schedule, Alabama's turkey season began with a pile of turkeys hitting the dirt.  Reports from across the state echoed the same sentiment: lots of gobbling, lots of two-year old gobblers, and lots of flopping.  March 17 was the banner day, with the WTR crew getting "dead turkey" texts from friends seemingly every minute. At the Mossy Oak camp in west Alabama, five turkeys were brought in that morning, (including a dandy killed by Rascal Flatts lead singer Gary LeVox) and every hunter (even those who hadn't killed a turkey that morning) described the morning as WILD.  

Overall, while the weather is hot and foliage way ahead of schedule, the turkeys seem to be on pace or ahead of schedule no more than a matter of days.  The majority of the gobblers Alabama hunters are encountering have hens, which is a sign that the turkeys do not have too big of a jump on the hunters.  The surprising aspect was the number of turkeys killed in the middle of the day and afternoon-despite the blazing hot temperatures.  When turkeys are gobbling good up into the day, that is always a great thing!  

With the number of two year olds in the woods, a stretch of good weather starting this Saturday, thick foliage allowing hunters to get closer to roosted gobblers, and a diminishing number of hens, a strong second week of the Alabama season could be in store!

Until then...

Yelp, gobble, boom!

Wild Turkey Report Staff
Wild Turkey Report Staff
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