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What makes the sport of turkey hunting so special? Maybe it is that first gobble at daybreak.  The first yelp you make.  Knowing he’s closer than what he was earlier.  The hair on the back of your neck standing up as a result of his drumming.  That first glimpse of a blue and red head.  The flick of the safety.  The roar of the shotgun.  The victory dash.  The tag and the walk out.

Or is it the camaraderie?  The pre-dawn or post-hunt breakfasts? Perhaps it’s taking a youth on their first hunt.  The pounding of their heart AND yours.  The sights, sounds, and hope found in a world emerging from the darkness of night.  The list can and does go on and on.
Turkey hunting is a special sport to all who participate in it for different reasons.  For us at Wild Turkey Report, it is because it's a sport where you have truly “never arrived.”  You are always learning.  You are always striving to improve.  No matter your experience or skill level, there is always room for improvement.
Which is why we launched WildTurkeyReport.com.  We understand the mind of the turkey hunter, and are committed to providing those like us with more information on the sport we mutually love than any other outlet.  Because just like you, we are truly students of the game!
So immerse yourself into WildTurkeyReport.com.  Read our articles on tactics and stories surrounding the culture of the sport of turkey hunting.  Get information on the latest gear that will improve your game this upcoming spring.  Plan your next trip by researching our participating outfitters.  By doing all of this, we guarantee that you will not only learn something new about the sport of turkey hunting, but your anticipation for opening day will be at an all-time high!
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